Sunday, February 8, 2009

Blog Names....

I'm trying to decide on a blog name that fits this blog I've dedicated to My Mary! What I really want is: "A Sisters Love" or "Memories to Cherish" & they are both taken :(..... "A Sisters Love" is my first choice & I may be in luck because I saw that the domain name expires on 8-5-09 and the person who took it is not "using" it. hmmmmm, lets all pray for it okay?

Other names Chad & I came up with are:

"Loving Mary Forever" - as you see I've changed this blog to (for now).
"My Sister Mary"
"Memories of a Sister"
"Remembering a Sister"
"Remembering Mary"

Let me know your thoughts & your favorites.

All I know is I miss Mary so much it hurts everyday. Sometimes I feel her presence in front of me trying to comfort me. I just wish I could have a hug from her. I just wish I could hear her sweet lil voice tell me how much she loves me. I just wish I could look into her eyes and feel her energy - her eyes shined with it. I would just smile as I looked at her because she brought that out in me. A vision of adoration is what she was - she was like an Angel here on earth. The Heavens are so lucky to have her now. She is where she belongs. I know we will all meet up in the end. I just wish it didn't end so soon in this lifetime.

Blogging takes some of the pain away......letting it out and sharing it cuts it in half. Thank you for sharing this pain with me.
Memories to Love!


Laurie Kolp said...

I like "Remembering Mary" or Remembering My Sister, My Friend?

The Mendez Family said...

I'm sorry I'm commenting so late! I like A Sister's Love. If you can get that one that would be so great. If not, I agree with Laurie's picks...Remembering Mary and I really like the one she came up with...Remembering My Sister, My Friend