Saturday, February 28, 2009

Wings of Love

This picture of these pretty white doves was taken in Houston after Mary's funeral in Beaumont .... in the parking lot of "Taste of Texas"! I thought it very unusual to see such pretty love birds just sitting there on the fence. They were so sweet looking ~ I tried to capture their beauty in a picture. This one doesn't do the justice it deserves, but I will take it.

I'm blogging this picture today because I had a little tan dove appear at my feet this morning when I walked out my door. I stopped short in my path when I heard the quiet coo-coo-coo of the bird. I moved the garbage I was carrying so I could see where it was going. I stood as quiet as I could... when I moved a couple feet it fluttered up but didn't go far... it was still near me. I put the things in my car & walked over to where it landed, it fluttered again but still didn't go far. It was such a pretty sight and sound. A great way to start my day. That's why I posted my pretty lil dove birds from last March. It's such a rarity to see a dove in the wild, that when I do see one or some, they are always a treat. A comfort to smooth any sadness away.

Soothing signs ~ reminding me I'm not alone!

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Laurie Kolp said...

Aww- so sweet! I think it's wonderful how you and I stop for birds (I'm sure some people wonder what I'm doing roaming around in my yard with my camera- he he).

It was so good to talk to you the other day- thanks for cheering me up. Love ya!!

P.S. Those doves were Mary's way of saying you and Chad needed to get married!!