Saturday, February 14, 2009

Valentines Love

This Valentines picture was sent to me from my sweet neice Kelsey!

What a wonderful day I have had......let me share with you!

It started out with me waiting patiently for my canary diamond Chad was having delivered to me on Valentines Day by UPS. I waited outside and saw the FedEx truck, the mailman and a moving van. I was in the breezeway at one end of the building waiting and watching and listening to the cardinals chirping at the other other end of the building. Then UPS fianlly arrived. It was a start to a beautiful day.

I went into my closet and pulled out my PINK sweatshirt from Victoria's Secret and told Chad that this was Mary's favorite sweatshirt - I think I'll wear it today.

From there we went to the "Lavender Letter" to pick up our "Save the Date" cards. They turned out BEAUTIFUL!

Chad had a surprise for me and told me he wanted to take me somewhere Mary would want to go. I was ready. With Mary in both our hearts, we pulled up to the "Little Shelter" where they were having a dog adoption event. (If you knew Mary, you would know her love for dogs). We parked our car in a woodsy area and as we got out, there was the most beautiful cardinal that appeared to us on the wire fence between the animal shelter food shed and the area that we parked. It was redder than the cardinals that have made a home behind my patio. It was small and had a shine that glistened like a star. I was amazed. She was with us today. We didn't adopt a dog, but we did meet one that was so much like our "Angel" we had so many years ago. The cardinal was there to say Good -Bye, possibly even to say Happy Valentines! What a wonderful Day it has been!

As if that wasn't enough to make my day, Chad & I went to a jeweler that the "Lavender Letter" lady, Vivienne had recommended to us for a setting for my new canary. We felt welcomed the minute we entered. We mentioned what we had in mind and the sales lady was off to the engagement ring section and came back with EXACTLY what we had been dreaming up. I couldn't believe it ~ we are very particular with what we want and was in shock when she brought to us exactly that! Wow!

It's been the most incredible day today! Mary has been with us all the way.

Did I mention I got a beautiful lil Valentines day card from Laurie in the mail ~ with a comic from "Mutts" showing two dogs in the snow saying "this place needed a splash of red" looking up at a cardinal in the tree?

So many signs! Mary's signs are fluttering all around us!

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Laurie Kolp said...

I'm so glad you had a great Valentine's Day! And you got the comic strip in time, too-what a blessing. I know Mary is up there working for us!

Love ya!!!