Sunday, February 22, 2009

Mary as I knew her

I see this picture and I feel what I felt that day I saw you... pure admiration. This was the day you drove to Houston with Brian and met Chad for the first time. 1994! You were just 22 years old and I was 25. You were so beautiful. Everything about you. Always so happy ~ your energy was contagious. I always seemed the happiest when I had you near me. A love, a pride a guarantee smile. Everyone who met you loved you. How could they not?! You would just stand there with a huge smile on your face - with pure joy radiating from you.

I miss you Mary - I miss you so much it hurts. Too young to die - too sweet to have felt the pain you did. I look out my window & see you with me. Bright red birds of beauty, real life signs your here.

I feel the hole in my heart and fill it with tears and memories, then I'm able to go on. How grateful I am to have what I have and have what I've had. It's a blessing ~ My memories to Cherish!

Have you ever smiled a smile straight from the heart? Pure love pushing the corners of my mouth up to the sky! That's what I felt when I saw my Mary.....


Laurie Kolp said...

I miss Mary, too. Sometimes it just hits me so hard. Like today I went to church for Ash Wednesday, and I cried for Mary. I guess b/c it's Easter time again. This will be a tough Easter this year, that's for sure. Thanks for the great pics- I love them!

Anonymous said...

I feel the same way about Mary...there is noone who will ever compare to her. We are so privileged to have known her. You remind me of her, Jeni, with how upbeat and positive you are towards life. Even with all the still figure out how to shine and radiate like the sun! What a gift you are to me, sister!

Ker bear