Saturday, March 28, 2009

My Robin

I've got a new little follower. I've been seeing it so often at such significant times. I mentioned it in my blog a week or so ago, but since then, the appearances have increased.

Just last weekend I was driving past an open field. During the fall it's a pumpkin patch, right now its just grass. I looked at the field full of black gackle birds and right in the middle of the pack was my Robin. It stood out with its beautiful red chest - it looked like it was looking right through the window of my car at me. It was an amazing moment I had just driving on by.

I was leaving for work two mornings ago - bright and early, before 7 a.m.! I live in an apartment where my door is in a breezeway. I was just reaching the end of it when all of a sudden, a beautiful ROBIN flew from the roof, right into my path and settling on a tree branch in front of my car. It just sat there with its beautiful red chest staring at me. I got into my car without a minute to spare but just long enough to receive the birds stare. I had to take garbage to the compactor across the apartment complex and as I got out - right before my eyes was the beautiful Robin in the tree by the chute. It just sat there with that same hard stare.

Chad had said to me that he hasn't seen a Robin amongst all our birds, but just tonight as we pulled into our parking spot - the wondrous Robin swooped right in front of our eyes and landed on that branch and showed Chad its here. It was very noisy tonight... as if it had alot to say. It flew from the tree to the tip of the roof of my breezeway singing the Robin tunes.

Funny thing how I'm surrounded by these birds. I feel so special, so protected and so lucky. I've always been aware of my surroundings and these bird visits are new, that I know! Sometimes I wonder if I'm going crazy with all these bird signs! It's so surreal...

Somehow I get the feeling the Robin is representing my dad, because its a special kind of energy of comfort I feel.

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kerri said...

That is beautiful! I would have loved to meet your dad. Mary always talked so highly of him. She really loved him. I love you, Jeni! You are such a gift to me.