Monday, March 30, 2009

Some Mary Memories

Mary, My Friend

As I reflect on my sisters life, I am just so amazed that she is gone.
Mary was such a positive loving spirit all the way through....
She loved you as soon as she met you. She didn't have a judmental eye!
She would look at you with admiration and listen to you with her whole heart and then she would say something positive about you to make you feel her love.
I know this because I would see her in action.
I would introduce her to someone and then just stand back and watch her in admiration.
Everyone who met her loved her.
That's why my friends instantly became hers.
We had so many fun times!
Bachlorette Parties, Baby Showers and weekend get togethers!
I loved being with Mary and am so sad she's gone.
We didn't have enough time together ~ I needed more time!!

I remember one of the first times I took Mary out on the town with me and my friends...

We headed over to the casual "Sam's Boat" one summer night. i always knew she would get alot of attention, but that smile of hers was so bright, the boys would flock over and I had to put up a fight - "Hey, that's my sis! Stay away from her!" I wished I could just put her in a bubble & show her around, but she had such a mangetic energy that people just flocked to her. I would finally tell her, "Mary, stop smiling" and she would try so hard it was funny to watch. She would have her lips pursed so tightly that the smile would burst through her eyes. How fun she was - so innocently sweet.

These are the memories I cherish and will blog them for you to enjoy, getting to know my Mary and loving her as she deserves!

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Laurie Kolp said...

Oh, Jeni- that is so sweet. I loved Mary so much because she made me feel so special. She truly had a gift for lifting people up. I will always remember how she was so genuine and sincere and took a true interest in everything around her. She played with my children and loved my dogs. She talked to our neighbors and even stopped to help strangers. I know she is up there working for us to try and help our lives return to some kind of normal (and when something great happens, I'll always think Mary had something to do with it). She was an angel on Earth!

Love you!!!! xoxoxoxo