Friday, March 13, 2009

10 things I love about Mary

It's 10 days away from being one year that Mary's life on earth ended. 3/22/08

In celebration of her life and her memory, I'd like to share the top 10 things I loved most about MARY:
  • The pedastol she put me on and never let me fall off!

  • Her determination to achieve and succeed no matter what obstacles came her way.

  • That never ending twinkle in her eyes that shone every time I saw her.

  • Her unending smile that brightened the entire room and washed all negativity away.

  • The positive energy she carried with her every moment of every day. It was so contagious.

  • Her sincere desire to encourage, teach and love her family, students, friends and anyone who she met.

  • The strength to move onward and upward through tough times.

  • The way she LOVED with her whole heart.

  • Did I mention the twinkle in her eyes when she smiled?

  • #1 ~ Her unconditional LOVE and I mean Unconditional!!
Remember, these are the top 10... the real list could go on & on!

Here's a picture of a bonus reason I loved her sooo much - just look at this present she sent me 4 years ago in the mail.... it made me smile so BIG and to imagine the smiles this package got all the way from Texas to New York made me think "Just like Mary to bring a smile in a package".

I only hope she knows how much joy she brought to everyone she came in contact with. I told her all the time!


The Mendez Family said...

Here's a few I remember:

*Mary's pure excitement when she'd see me or anyone she loved.
*The way she loved my daughter. I brought Maddie to see her several times when she was in Gatesville. Mary said she would fall asleep dreaming of holding Madison.
*Out of everyone I told when I was pregnant with Max, she was the MOST excited. She screamed over the phone and was yelling to Kelsey about the news. She would have been compeletely elated to find out about us having a boy...just like girl, one boy 2 years apart.
*She had the incredible gift of making you feel like you were the most beautiful and wonderful person in the world. She never hesitated to brag on the ones she loved so much.

There has never been and never will be anyone like Mary. She was truly unique and wonderful. I miss you sweet sister. I wish you were here.

Laurie Kolp said...

To know Mary was to love her. She had a way about her that made everyone feel happy and important. She was well-loved wherever she went. Mary was a great friend. I'll never forget how she took time out of her Saturday to come and help us at a Girl Scout cookie booth. She even brought Kelsey along. Then she helped me deliver cookies (I was the cookie mom last year). She also loved my kids- and played with them, too! I will NEVER forget Mary.