Friday, March 20, 2009

Precious Moments & Signs

Words can't describe my love and gratitude amidst my pain and sorrow. Such a balance of emotions.

Today our dear brother David drove to see you at the place your body rests. With Amanda by his side to wipe away his cries. He got there to find you and place a cardinal charm, but couldn't find your exact spot because there wasn't a headstone in the ground. He searched the spot he remembered, not so long ago. He reached out to me thousands of miles away and my strings of love found Laurie who wasn't very far away. She stopped in her tracks and dropped everything she was doing to drive out to our dear brother David and help him find your spot. What a gem of a friend, a sister at heart. I praise her for her selflessness and true love to you. Thank you for my new friend, I know she is true. Unconditional love and friendship! I'm so grateful you had her & she had you. We miss you sweet Mary!

We all know how much David loves baseball and he knows you know that too. For him to find that baseball in your cemetary was a definite sign from you. He will cherish that baseball as if it was signed by a pro. What am I saying?! It was a sign from a pro!

Pro Mary ~ our Star beyond your time!

P.S. Don't worry ~ we'll get you a headstone to place where your body is buried! I'm sorry I didn't follow up with what was told to me was ordered... I can hear you say "that's okay ~ I'm always with you any way"! My sweet Mary, you always said that! You deserve more than that, so I'm saying back to you "It's not okay, so I'm going to make it okay - okay?!"


Anonymous said...

Mary doesn't care about the headstone, Jeni! She would appreciate just dirt surrounding her. That is the way she was..appreciative of so little. So, is she buried at the Broussard Memorial Home? Is she with your dad? I bet David was sad, but thankfully, Laurie, went to his rescue. She is an angel. i love u, girl!!!

Laurie Kolp said...

That is so true- the baseball WAS the sign- no doubt about it. Mary is everywhere- as long as we stop long enough to notice the signs. Her spirit lives on. Lets never forget that.

Anonymous said...

ohhhh this gave me chills when I read it. David found a baseball while there. She really is everywhere!
love you Jeni