Sunday, May 17, 2009

Fairytale & Honorary Coincidences

I was speaking to my girlfriend the other day and telling her all about my birds ~ she giggled and said: Like Cinderella. Hehe...yes, like cinderella or snow white. Every little girl at one time in her life dreams she is one of the wonderful fairytale princesses. I giggled right back at my friend and imagined myself like Cinderella or Snow White with lil birdies all around. Birds are such a sweet symbol of peace and serenity. They bring love, comfort and support. I am honored to be surrounded by all my lil birds. They bring me happiness in these sad times of loss as I miss Mary. I'm still amazed at the cardinal... she always shows up when I am in a painful moment remembering and feeling the loss. She flies right to the bush in front of my window, chirps, stares straight at me and flies to the food.

I was speaking to Kelsey last night and she was telling me about a story she has to write for the end of the year project. You won't believe what story she has to write about.... a revised, unique story in her own lil words of "CINDERELLA". She went on to tell me what she had made up and I just sat their listening with pride. My sweet lil neice has a creative imagination and its Gooooooood!!!! She has made Cinderella an old lady in a nursing home & the mean step sisters are replaced with mean orderlies..... it is Great!! The details are so creative. What a sweet coincidence that we are sharing this fairytale time.

Yesterday I went to storage for something and came across a letter from the Dean of Mary's college; honoring Mary for a story she wrote, (a biography of herself )and placing her on the Dean's List! So sweet, so smart, so full of Life Mary was. Just one more thing to be proud of: Mary ~ on the Dean's List at HPU!! Well, in my sweet conversation with Kelsey last night, she say's "Oh My Gosh Aunt Jeni - I can't believe I didn't tell you" - "I got chosen for the Junior National Honor Society"~~ Wow again... just like her mommy!

I told Kelsey about how incredible these coincidences were & she said, "you are so good at noticing these things! If no'one has told you Aunt Jeni, that is really cool". My own lil neice was telling me she's proud of me. She is so smart, so perceptive! The more I get to know her, the more I realize how much alike we are. A cross between Mary & me! I'm so happy to be her aunt & look forward to a wonderful life with her!


Laurie Kolp said...

Oh- that is so sweet. Kelsey is a little Mary. Can you believe that we are linked to the fairy tale thing too? My family is FINALLY getting to go to Disneyworld and, to top it off, Katie's dance recital theme was Disney. I think this is more than coincidence!


Ker said...

I have been waiting patiently for a cardinal to come to our kitchen window where I had placed some seed. Well, the seed has been sitting there for about one month, and there has been no response from any birds...Well, the other day, I was staring out my window with tears in my eyes. I was a mess that morning and the feeling of grief was penetrating my heart so deeply. In true desperation, I said to myself (and God), "All I want right now is to see a cardinal on my kitchen window." I feel that I said it in Faith, which is when God often answers our deepest prayers. Well, guess what??? A beautiful red cardinal popped right in my face. I began shaking from surprise and felt overwhelming joy. In fact, I called my daughter over as if it was an emergency. She ran right over and saw my tears running down my face. I didn't have to say anything..but just pointed to the cardinal in the window. She rubbed my shoulder and smiled back at me! She tends to spot cardinals quicker than I do and knows all about Mary.
That was a moment that I will never forget!

Love ya,