Thursday, May 7, 2009

Friend Finds cntd....

I received the box of Mary items Brian sent me on Tuesday... the beige soft jacket of yours that you looked so beautiful in - that I will make into my ring bearer pillow for your lil Brett to carry in my wedding.

He sent a couple sun dresses you looked incredible in and the sweater & shirts you took beautiful pictures in.... they all are posted here through out the blog. How ironic is that?

(I am going to have some memory teddy bears made out of the clothes for Kelsey & Brett to cherish.)

Then I came across a box of pictures. Pictures I hadn't seen of you and pictures I was surprised you had. So many tears, so many memories! Then you had a picture that i was really surprised you had - a picture of me and my friend Sherri. Sherri & I were the best of friends for many years with Betty/Tina. I had been looking for her, just like you were Kerri!

Well......... I wiped away my tears and decided I would check my e-mail. I stopped crying for a moment until I saw a facebook e-mail from guess who?? Yup ~ my long lost friend Sherri! I shreiked and shrilled and almost cried of joy! Holey moley... what a roller coaster of emotions!

I wonder if you had anything to do with this find and the Kerri find and the Kevin find....

Thank you for your wonderful gifts sis!

Here is a gift for you - a picture of your favorite stuffed animal.... bugs bunny!

Oh how you loved this thing :)

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Laurie Kolp said...

I am so glad Brian sent you Mary's stuff! I know you have been waiting for that. I think it is wonderful you are going to make the jacket into the ring bearer pillow, and the clothes into stuffed animal clothes. You are truly doing an amazing job keeping Mary alive. I am proud of you and admire you, Jeni! Mary was lucky to have you as a sister (and your whole family, too)!