Thursday, May 7, 2009

Friend Finds

Your friend Kevin McP... found me on facebook!

Wow ~ I had to tell him the news...

No details yet, just the fact that your gone. I gave him the blogsite & link to the funeral home site.

I felt a deep sorrow as I read his words of condolence to me and feel terrible to be the bearer of this sad news. It's obvious you meant the world to him for many many years. A kindred love. Always checking to make sure you were okay. What a friend. He went looking for answers in the blog but we know that they really aren't here. The details are too long, too raw and too sad right now. Those who knew her know. I will carefully choose who to share what with and I respect my Mary too much to put words down where someone may read and judge.
I am sorry Kevin, I keep the pain Mary suffered off this blog. I will share with you in another way. I am celebrating Mary as I knew her and want her to shine as she always did.

She is the biggest star in the sky right now!

Shining my way to share with you my memories

so you may continue to love and cherish her too!


Laurie Kolp said...

I totally agree with you, Jeni. I hope I haven't said too much on my blog. If I have, I am sorry,as my blog is my writing and most of the time I just post from the heart. I am sure Kevin understands...that must have been tough.

Love you, Laurie

Kerri said...

I also hope that I haven't shared too much. I now realize that I need to guard Mary better and keep details to myself. I am sorry about that! Jeni, I respect your strength and quiet confidence. Love you!