Friday, May 1, 2009

Sweet Siblings

This was a great picture.... Mary was in the best shape of her life and tough times were years away. Lisa was in college following in her big sis Mary's footsteps ~ training to be a teacher. David was just chilling with his sis's who were always dotin on him. Mary just adored him and loved her lil brother. She was his own personal cheerleader for any sport he chose! Football, baseball, soccer.... She was a cheerleader to us all. She would tell you how wonderful you were and make you feel like the star you always wanted to be. To her, you were her star and that's all that mattered. She just had that way. When you would try to take the spot light off yourself and mention all of her incredible accompllishments for that week, she would just giggle and then give you a re-enactment of her energy that drove her to the finish line.....So humble she was. She just loved the race. She was inspiring and lived to inspire! You always left Mary feeling like a winner! What a beautiful gift she had and what a beautiful gift she was to us! I will never forget her and I will never stop missing her and I will never let her life be forgotten! I don't care if it hurts ~ I will take the pain anyday to keep her memory alive! She is worth it! I love you so much Mary. We all do!


Laurie Kolp said...

Oh, Jen- that is so true! Mary was so humble and yet so great about building you up. She inspired those who knew her to her very last day, and even though Mary was going through hard times, she was still inspiring others (especially me). I, too, will always keep her memory alive. Together we can do that for Mary and her kids. I love you- hope all is well- tried to call you several time this weekend.

Ker bear said...

This is exactly what we were talking about on the phone the other day! There is no possible way someone could forget Mary. And, we will never let that happen. She was and still is my inspiration. Her spirit gets me back on track and keeps me going...How do you know what I am thinking all the time? This is wild!!!