Sunday, April 26, 2009

Missing you Mary!

I just miss Mary! That's it! Every single thing about her. I hate that she's gone & I can't share my life with her. I just miss her!! I know she's in a better place and we will all be together soon & I know she is with my everyday & in everything I do, but I just miss her okay???

That smile I could see through the phone & her energy just filled your heart with love. Her seagreen eyes that had that yellow around the pupils that glistened when she looked at you. Her heart was pure and her love was all yours.

God is so lucky to have her now... all i have are memories. Yes, I'm grateful for that. Actually, I'm grateful for alot but I just miss her so much!


Kerri Timothy said...

I miss her, too. It is soooo lonely here without her. My mom just gave me a letter that Mar had written to her in 1993. It said, "Dear Mary Ann (my second mom)"... She talked about how she wanted to be a fitness instructor after graduating from college. And, that she would be getting married in 1994 with "Brian" and would probably end up settling in Beaumont. Jeni, do you ever wish that you could turn back time..that she would have chosen a different path? It just doesn't seem fair!!!
I love you,

Laurie Kolp said...

Oh, Jeni- I, too wish Mary had taken a different path, but we must accept what is. I miss her so much, too, but am grateful that I know she is with me all the time, too. I'm so glad to know you and have you as a great friend. Hang in there! Love you!!