Saturday, April 18, 2009

Kelsey - Mary's lil legacy

Kelsey is my oldest neice. Only 12, almost 13. She is Mary's daughter & my very special neice. I am proud to say that we have a special relationship even if we are 2000 miles away.

We talk on the phone pretty regular since she inherited her mommy's phone and we both have Verizon, we can talk and text for free. She still has her mommy's voice on the voicemail and there are times when I am even happy when she doesn't answer, then I can her my sister sweet lil voice and it brings her near.

She is a busy lil girl, diving herself in books & studies, volleyball & track. Typical lil girl in that she gets bored alot and needs things to do. She has a best friend named Camila whose family has been a blessing in this terrible time of loss for her.
We had time last night and took full advantage of it... we spoke for 1 hour and 10 minutes. I'm always a little weary of talking too much directly about her mommy in fear she will just get sad and I won't be there to hug her, but I know how important it is to bring her up and remind her that she is still near. Last night, Kelsey asked me if I'd seen the movie "August Rush" & she knows I have because I got her Robin Williams autograph on a picture of the movie. It was the last movie she saw with her mommy. I took that as a cue to talk about our Mommy Mary. She said it was on the TV right now as we were talking. She misses her so very much and it breaks my heart in two.

I had a heart to heart talk with Kelsey and even spoke to her about her feelings on what she will call her new step mom. I gave her my advice and left the ball in her court and let her know that she is a little lady, almost 13 and she can make that decision on her own, but to remember that once you make a decision like that, it is really hard to take back. So I asked her to just really think about it & reminded her that I would love her no matter what. I shared with her my own personal experience when I got a new step dad. I felt really good about what I shared with her and treated her with respect. That is what my dad would do and why I loved him best. What a great teacher I had and now I can share the same ways with her. She seemed to be okay talking to me about it and I felt like it was a great time to really open the gate to our relationship as neice and aunt. I want her to be able to tell me anything and know I won't judge or steer. I love that lil girl more and more everyday and count the days to see her - only three months away.

Kelsey is so wise in her young self! So smart, so beautiful and so fun! She is real. Did I mention what a wonderful big sis she is to our lil Brett? She cares about him and always quick to include him in our circle of love.

Mary ~ you did a beautiful job with these legacies and I will do everything in power to keep them close and help instill the power of love that was instilled in us by our mom & dad!!


Susan said...

I can't wait to meet Kelsey in August. I've only met her once when she was little so she won't remember that. That first picture you posted where she's walking and looking down she looks so much like Mary!!
Can't wait for August for so many reasons!! Love you and miss you. xoxo

Laurie Kolp said...

I am so glad you shared this sweet conversation with Kelsey. She needs you- and is so lucky to have such a great aunt. I am confident that your relationship will grow even stronger in the coming years- just stay real close. Love you!

Kerri said...

OH, WOW!!! This is a little version of our Mary! Kelsey reminds me so much of my sweet childhood best friend. Jeni, you are the most incredible aunt and a very incredible person. I am so blessed to know you. Kelsey and Brett couldn't ask for a better aunt. I believe that the most important thing for them is to have the ability to be free to be themselves and KNOW that they are always LOVED and ACCEPTED. And that, my friend, is totally what YOU, Jeni, are all about!!! That is an incredible gift that you offer to them and pretty much whoever cross your path! Thanks for being YOU!


Jeni said...

Your words and kindness mean the world to me! I love you Ker Bear!!