Friday, April 3, 2009

Another Bird for me

This is my other little bird. I was a little confused by my new birdie doves. I knew one looked a little more rough than the other & this is the one... I feel most sad for. It's my mourning dove. A friend from work gave me some birdfood that they like ~ what a sweet gesture! Thank you Terry!
I woke up this morning and put the food on the ground and by the time I got out of the shower, my lil dove was there......
We think she has a nest nearby. How wonderful would that be?
I'm thinking of naming my doves. What do you think?


Laurie Kolp said...

MMM-HHMMM~ I think names would be great (he-he)!

These birds are a gift from God- your buddies to watch over you and cheer you up!

Love you! xoxoxox

Susan said...

Oh Names are a great idea. We had morning doves living on our front porch. It was soooo cute. They made nests in old hanging baskets that the flowers were dead in, and I hadn't taken down yet. Anyways, it was so cute to watch because they would take turns laying on the eggs. Mom always took the thru the night shift and dad was the day shift. We named them Donald and Daisy. They were never bothered by us coming in and out of the door. When they eggs hatched, they kept their babies near by for the longest time. Then before I had a chance to throw the baskets away, they had another batch of eggs, each time it was two eggs. Anyways, we had another set of babies to watch. They came back this year but we didn't have the baskets up, but we think they've got a nest nearby because they are in our backyard all the time. Jennifer says she recognizes Donald and Daisy. They seem to trust us.
So definitely name them!
love ya