Saturday, April 4, 2009

My Sister...


We were two peas in a pod for a long time.... you were my little minion! I loved being your big sis and you were such a wonderful lil sis!!

I was so lucky when I got you. You were a lil spit fire, that was for sure. So unique and a personality all your own. I loved you for that. Somehow, I was always the one who was able to do things right for you. Somehow, you would listen to me. Well, most of the time... hehe! But eventually you would come around.

One memory that stands out is a time when we were just six and three. I had upset you about something and you were crying in your bed, so I decided to apologize by giving you a hug. You wouldn't have any of it. You tried pushing me away. I stood back with my hand on my hip and said, "Fine, give me my hug back then"! I started pawing at you to get it back. It tickled you and you started laughing, so I tickled you more and we laughed our way back to being friends again.

You were more than a sister Mary, you were my best friend and my #1 fan, as I was yours!!

I miss you sis, but am so grateful for all our memories. I have soooo many, I don't know where to begin. I will capture them and share them on my "Memories to Cherish", because that is what this blog is for - YOU MARY! I love you more than you know! I refuse to shut the door on 35 years of your life... you were too too special to be hidden in my head as silent memories.

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Laurie Kolp said...

Wow- those are great pictures! I made a comment earlier, but I guess it didn't go through. Anyway, love ya sista!!!