Saturday, April 18, 2009

Black Birds ..... go away

Every Saturday I would go out and sweep my patio of the mess my lil birds would make all week eating the seeds I left for them. Fill up the birdfeeder and watch them flock to the food. But am reluctant today in fear of the black birds that have found it.

Well, for the past month these black irredescent birds that are bigger than the lil birds I've grown fond of would come take over . In packs of 5 or 6! I've tried to find the beauty in them and accept them as I have my other little feathered friends, but I cannot.... they don't fit in and they are just down right disturbing.

I don't like them... they're loud and too big for my patio and bully the other birds away. Annoying! I would look out and see my lil cardinals hiding in the bushes and the finches would stay in the tree away from my patio. The doves would still come but seemed annoyed by the invasion of grackles or ravens or magpies... whatever they are - i don't like them! There is no peace or serenity to these birds ~ nothing sweet & loving to associate them with.

I've posted wishes on my blog before that have come true so I am going to come right out and say it: I WISH THESE BLACK BIRDS WOULD GO AWAY!!!


Susan said...

I'll be praying that these birds go away and find another home. We have those too and they are just bossy and hog our bird feeder too. And noisy!!!
Maybe they represent something, like the obstacles we have in life. You find peace in the other birds but among the peace there's always obstacles that make us appreciate the peace even more. hmmm just a thought.
love ya

Laurie Kolp said...

Those are huge- we have them, too and I don't like them either. I hope your wish comes true. Love you!

Kerri said...

I have these strange black birds that come near my bird feeder, but I don't know if these are the same birds. They seem really possessive of the bird feeder. Could these be the same ones? They make a really strange chirping noise. But, I haven't seen any other birds near my feeder because these guys eat all the seed really quickly.
Thanks for the tip! Maybe, I will go run these crazy birds off.
I want my cardinal back!!!

Jeni said...

LOL... you are too funny! I bet your cardinal is still there... mine are, but they are in the bushes when the dumb black birds are around.
Dumb grackles!!