Saturday, October 3, 2009

Answered Hopes

What a stressful week I've had! Everyday working late & then continued working from home til midnite Monday - Wednesday!! Thursday was non stop, full of problems & solutions. I wanted to make my normal train home Thursday night especially bad. Two reasons: 1.) I had a promise to keep to my cat Boo 2.) plus Chad had promised me my favorite dinner too. But I was 10 minutes behind schedule and still had to buy my monthy train ticket. Lines are always long on the 1st of the month! I pretty much wrote it off that I would or could make that train & travelled to the station in my usual quick but not too quick pace. I refused to get upset, because there was nothing I could do. I had a long enough day, I didn't want to end it with a frown.

My luck started at the subway... I had just walked down the steps to the track as they were closing the doors.... then, As if I had no control of my body's motions, I unconciously leaned forward putting my energy towards the door. The conductor re-opened the door & said "Hurry - get on". I whisked off the subway platform, onto the train & was able to whisper a quick thank you to the lady conductor who had started to save my day!

I got to Penn station and looked up at the schedule boards that have the train times & track numbers. I saw mine was still on the board even though I was one minute behind. I thought that was strange that my train was still on the board and realized it must be a little delayed. Then I thought, "Oh well, probably won't be delayed enough for me - I've got to get my ticket and look at the lines!".

So I strolled over to one of the lines at the ticket booth and noticed that my train I wanted WAS delayed. I thought to myself without much hope (so I wouldn't let myself get let down), "Maybe, just maybe I will make my train" -Well, not only did I make my train, but I got a seat on the overstuffed train car!!

I sat on the train in amazement and started to mentally relax. I had a rough week already and I thought my late nights were over. Then I realized I had a report to turn in on Friday of all the pets in our building & that was tomorrow... Oh boy, I hadn't even touched that one!!!
I yi yi! I almost kissed my relaxing night away, then decided to email the IT guy who knows our accounting system, just hoping, praying for a positive answer I was about to ask - "Do you know if there is a report in our system that prints out all the pets in our building?". He said, "I just made the report today & was going to send out tomorrow!". Yay!!!! - Abosolutely amazing!! That was the answer I was only hoping he'd have - He just saved me from another long night.

My promise to Boo:
Boo had been out of wet food for almost a week. Every morning and night he curls up in a ball by the refrigerator waiting for me to open his treat. It's been brutal not having it for him for so many days, so that is why I made my promise - Thursday was the day! Lucky me! Now I can keep my promise to Boo & enjoy my husbands promise to me!
We all are winners in this triangle of promises!

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