Thursday, October 15, 2009

The Book Connection

You wanna hear something fun?
I was in the bookstore a couple weeks ago to get the book "Shantaram" (which is very good by the way) and went roaming through the spiritual section... I came across a book I have been really interested in that someone had recommended a couple (or few) years ago, but I didn't buy (again!). A part of me kept saying "Get it!" But I wouldn't for fear I'd waste another $20 bucks on a book of wisdom that I already know (ha!).
Well, someone came by my office the other day with a little gift for me as a belated "wedding/shower kind of gift" & it was that book!!!
Crazy huh?

It's "The Four Agreements" by don miguel ruiz... Plus another lil book of his: "The Mastery of Love"!

It just blows my mind how the universe works for me these dayz...

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Laurie Kolp said...

So neat- miracles are all around! Have you read it yet? I'm interested in knowing what that book is about.