Saturday, October 24, 2009

Markelett the very special Monkey

"Markelett" is a very very special little Webkin Monkey...
I named him after Mary, Kelsey & Brett! Three very special people in my life.

I put their names together & Markelett is what I came up with :)!

When Mary died, I wanted to build a closeness with her kids - my neice & nephew, Kelsey & Brett! It was a must!!! Kelsey inherited her mommy's phone so I was able to talk to her all the time. At the time, she was very into the world of Webkin's ~ where they bought a Webkin animal and registered it in Webkin world on the internet. Kelsey & Brett were both very very into it. They had to feed their Webkins on the site and make them work, so they could buy things in the Webkin world for their Webkin house full of many rooms they. As you can tell, I joined this Webkin world to be close to the kids. I bought my Markelett!!!

Well, I've had Markelett for while now and since the kids have outgrown the world of Webkin, he has been quietly sitting on the topshelf of my bookcase., tucked away in the corner. Two times in the last week, Markelett has been found in the middle of the floor - it's only Chad, myself & Boo. It wasn't Chad and it wasn't me, so I have to imagine it's Boo - although he has not proven to be a stuffed animal kind of cat, the only other thought is surreal. I'd like to think it's Mary, letting me know she's near! Who knows.....

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Laurie Kolp said...

Markelett~ such a cute, creative name! You are a dear aunt to Kelsey and Brett. They are very lucky to have you.