Saturday, November 5, 2011

Connections - Stories from Loss

You never know when and where you are going to have a connection with someone. I (Little Red Bird), was looking through Medium George Anderson's FB Page the other day (October 27, 2011) and decided to comment on a post - hoping to give some comfort to Candace who recently lost her stepdad. From there a long thread of posts occurred and a couple cool connections. Signs of love from above are everywhere and how wonderful it is to connect with those who have received them too. There's a certain bond that forms instantly when people connect through the magic of the signs received.

Candace Hirsch: Little Red Bird, I love your blog. I used to believe in signs and was convinced I had them. Mine are ladybugs, doves, blue birds. And things have happend concerning each. But now I think it was just me wanting to see what I wanted to see...self-comfort. I'll tell you a story about a ladybug. My first "step" dad died when I was almost 7. I didn't know my real dad as he died when my mother was pregnant for me. My dad that just died in AUG was my dad for the last 43 years. I never considered either a "step" dad...they were my dad. I was close to both of them. Anyway, I went out to see my first dad...before this dad died...hope this isn't confusing...and I was going through something and wasn't sure if it would be straightened out. When I first got to his grave that day...this was in JUN...I saw a ladybug walking on his grave marker. I smiled because I thought he had made sure it was there to let me know, it would be okay. I sat down on my sheet next to his grave and had my legs outstretched and had lost sight of the ladybug while doing this. But after I stretched my legs, there on my pants was the ladybug. I couldn't figure out how it got there. I let it crawl on my finger and talked to my dad and told him thank you and I would quit worrying. That ladybug stayed on my finger the 20 minutes I was there and when I went to leave, I put it on one of the flowers on his grave. That ladybug meant a lot to me. I was sure it was a sign from him. My dad that just died used to say to will probably be the only one who brings me flowers when I die. He knew I always brought them out to my other dad. Sunday, I was out there putting new flowers on both their graves and sitting and crying and talking to my dad that just died and I looked up and flying overhead was a bald eagle. It was beautiful. I wanted to think it was my dad giving him dying was horrible and it haunts me. His last words were to me as I was the one with him in the ER before they transferred him to another hospital and he never spoke to any of us again. Even his last words haunt me. He said.."I'm sorry". Those two words can mean so many things and I am not sure exactly why he said it. He was only 64. He was only 13 years older than I am. He was younger than my mom when they married. A mere child really..he was only 21 and married a woman with 6 kids. I can't even imagine. Yet, he became a wonderful dad. And my heart aches so badly and I know my dad would have come to see help me get through this...if there really was an afterlife. That's how he was. Always there for me. I miss him and am lost without him here........

Julie Bamonte Burgo: Candace, I lost my dad in 2006 and then my mom 3 years later in 2009. It's very difficult and I still cry. It gets better, then you have your bad days. I do get a lot of signs (my husband and daughter too) my siblings seem to get them a lot when they are with me. I was mom's caregiver for 3 years, my family moved in with her after my dad passed. She had cancer. We were very close. They signs we get are numbers like "Little Red Bird" we get 555 11:11 (that's when she passed) so many number like 444 333 - we see robins and turn the radio on a just the right time. I get the first three numbers of her home phone (my grandmas house) often too. We have had some electrical things happen with lights that were not plugged in and lights turning off by themselves. Pray a lot! Pray and cry... that's when I really get the signs. They'll come to you!!! Hugs to you. Keep pictures and belongings around you and do not let anyone tell you that it is unhealthy to do that. We all grieve at our own pace.