Saturday, November 19, 2011

Mary Confirms her Love in a Dream

My beautiful soul sister Jen Dio had a dream with my sisters Mary and Lisa in it. What a beautiful sign of Mary confirming to Jen that she is very much a part of our sisterhood and that she loves her too. We don't have to have the same blood to be sisters. Our hearts and souls are somehow connected. Friends are the sisters we are blessed to choose. It took Mary passing away to bring my Sweet Soul Sister (SSS) to us, 3000 miles away. Distance doesn't even matter with the love we have in our hearts for each other!!

"Last night I dreamt that you, Lisa, Mary, and I were all sitting around and chatting it up. We were happy and content. We were talking about life, love, and loss and comforting each other and supporting one another. The twist? Mary was on the other side but the three of us still saw her, heard her, and felt her as if she was here in the flesh. I know her spirit is with you everyday, as if her body and physical self never left the Earth. I really feel like she came to me to share this with you. She is with you, Jeni. I know you know this. ;-) She loves you very much and she's here more than ever, loving you and guiding you on your journey through life. =) I love you my SSS.........."


Jen said...

I love you my sweet soul sister! I normally forget my dreams shortly after I awake in the morning. Somehow I remembered this dream as though it happened in real life. It was so real, warm, and comforting. Mary will forever be with us in spirit, love, and light. Xoxo

Laurie Kolp said...

What a heavenly dream! So sweet to have a soul sister, too.