Saturday, November 19, 2011

Little Red Bird Signs Everywhere

I hear you in the morning, I see you in the tree, the weather doesn't matter, you're always with me! What a loyal little bird you are ~ never really far! All i do is wish for you & then you appear..... my ANGEL in disguise! ~LRB Chirps

Since "Little Red Bird" has been formed in Facebook, I'm receiving so many little chirps back to me how our Little Red Bird is very special and significant to so many others. Signs of Love from Above from those we lost. How comforting it is to hear and to connect to these wonderful souls. I thought another blog post was due to share the love here with you too:
My FB friend Sally Parris wrote to me:
My Mom loved her Red Bird & she visits me often..
My MOM's favorite birds were the hummingbirds and cardinals.... she talked to her Red Bird and i swear he listened, and when he visits me i talk to him and i know she hears me

My FB friend Mary Kinzler receives electrical signs:
..... I have Lost a lot of Friends & my Mother at the age of 12, They also show me they are there ♥ most of my 'signs' are electrical :)

A FB Little Red Bird fan Penelope Lillie shared:
I love this one I think of my mom who passed away she is now my mom bird....xo

A FB Little Red Bird fan Jobear Dumas shared:
my little sister sends me little red birds and now that they don't seem to live here in the desert they still appear I saw one at Target in a snow globe, then the little red bird on facebook, then another fake one on a branch in a store even on the weekly circular advertising Christmas card. She's gotten quite creative in sending me little red birds in unexpected places.

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Laurie Kolp said...

You are reaching out to so many and offering such comforting thoughts. Thank you for that! xoxoxo