Sunday, November 6, 2011

Signs ~ Spoons

I have a friend I connected with who commutes from the same train station as I do, lives in the same neighborhood and has had crazy amazing signs and synchronicities. Her name is Lisa and we met through a mutual friend who also commutes from our station. We just happened to all be in the same car going home one day about a year ago. We were introduced and the power of the Universe began our synchronistic stories in conversations. One unique quality about Lisa is she always has a splash of purple hair! Crazy cool huh?!

Lisa mentioned to me early summer that her sister's long term boyfriend had passed away. He had gotten sick and knew he was going to die. He had a funny personality and made the most of life even in the end. Lisa said he would joke alot and in conversations they learned that he loved to "SPOON". Yes spoon ;) ~ we'll leave it at that. LOL. In the end days as he was in the hospital he would joke to his girlfriend and her family that they should come by the Hospital to visit him and spoon. He would joke around and tell my friend Lisa that when he died, he will show them signs that he is around by showing them silver spoons.

TWICE Lisa has come across a random silver spoon. The most recent was when she was talking to her mother in law about Life after Death. After the conversation, Lisa said she went outside to walk her pup and on the trail was a random silver spoon.... looks like someone was supporting her conversation!

Thought you might like this interesting story of signs from above!

Thank you Lisa for allowing me to share. xoxo


Lisa H said...

Thanks for sharing my spoon story with your followers. I get such a wonderful feeling of being connected to the universe when I notice these powerful signs in my life. Death should not be a topic that we're afraid to discuss, especially since it's something we'll all go through. The spoon I recently found gave me and my Mother-in-Law a peaceful sense of comfort at the perfect time!
Lisa (aka your synchro sister)

Laurie Kolp said...

This is very special... signs are everywhere. We just lost a 45-year-old amazing lady in our community to breast cancer. I hope her kids and family will be open enough to see the signs.