Saturday, December 17, 2011

An Angel Visit for my friend Jobear

Jobear Dumas:

Sometimes it takes a long time to get an answer... Long time ago we had a second miscarriage in the same year I was totally undone. Didn't tell anyone but I just knew it would have been a boy so in my mind I named him Jeremy and I imagined what he would have looked like and traits of his temperament, he would have been a June baby.They say these unborn go straight to heaven and develop there into full stature and wait for us there.The other day I went to a new dentist and he says to me hello my name is Jeremy and I had a double take it was all I had imagined and more. he had my wife's stature small and my father's blue eyes and blond hair and he was more reserved like my daughter and her mother. When he put his fingers on my chin to examine me it felt like family. he proceeded to replace old fillings in my front teeth and gave me a new smile. Afterwards I felt a peace that everything was alright after all and something good had turned out in heaven out of a devastating situation and I can say after such a long time I found comfort.