Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Angels & Numbers

These numbers and signs appear to me everyday now. Clock times, license plates and dollar amounts. I usually take a picture and send it to my soul sister Jen Dio and she does the same with me. We have so much fun with our angel whispers and synchronicities. It's wonderful to share with each other.

Went to 5 Guys tonight and noticed the total for my bill was $13.33 - so I said to the cashier, "Wow, look at that - 333 - angel numbers"... he looked at me and then at my receipt and said, "Hey look, your order # is 3 too!" - How cute was that?! An angel nudged him to smile too :)

Woke up with a cold sore, grumpy and a gray cloud over my head, then: as I headed to court for a crazy resident situation... I saw 111 on a truck license plate & then caught an address on a bldg- 111 Bowery - oh, I was headed to 111 Centre Street, NYC! As i was in the court house, I happened to look at my phone at exactly 11:11.... I left the court at 1! Angels are with me :)

*There are many definitions of the meaning of numbers and I haven't found "just one" that I truly believe. I find a lot to be fun and interesting, but I am sticking with my simple belief that they are angel whispers. Angels making themselves known!

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Laurie Kolp said...

10, 10, 10... this blog is a 10!