Friday, December 16, 2011

A Little Red Bird Story

Jobear Dumas (A Little Red Bird Fan) has shared a wonderful cardinal story with me on my FB page and I had to share it here:

To LRB - a Messenger:

My little sister passed away a long time ago she had been a child with special needs and I had been a caregiver and we were close. So I was sad in my room missing her when I heard a peck peck at my window that wouldn't quit so I went to check it out it was a little red bird coming to cheer me. Well I had red curtains and a bush below the window with small red blooms that may have lured the bird but over the years I moved to different places and soon a little red bird would come so I took it as a sign from her to cheer me. Well now I've moved to the desert where there are no red birds but I met the little red bird on Facebook who supplies me with much inspiration and a multitude of little red birds and I save the pictures in a folder so when needed I have all the little red birds to look at.

You can use the story glad you liked it my mother just came back from a long cruise while aboard she saw a young lady on the deck and she said to her you look like my daughter would have what is your name she said Francine from Montreal (that is my sister's name and the original city we came from) the young lady said you give me the shivers and gave my mom a hug.

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