Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Cardinal Gifts on Dad's B-day

So many gifts on my dads Birthday!! All Mary connected too! Elizabeth's Holiday animated card she shared with me today with a Cardinal, Michelle seeing the cardinals in her back yard & thinking of me, Jen's cardinal card purchased for work "Share Thanks", Jana's cardinal story she posted on my FB wall AND Marys daughter Kelsey calling me with the most amazing coincidence story EVER -Mary at work!!! All these beautiful gifts for me on my dear dads B-day! I am truly blessed!

Thank you for my Mary ornament! My tree will look different from now on. Gotta share. When Morgan heard the Cowboys were playing the cardinals on Sunday - she said, "oh mom, Mary." Then when they won she reminded me again. Sunday afternoon we went shopping and she found a cardinal gift tag. the sales lady offered her to take as many as she would like since they were complimentary and would be discarded after Christmas any way. Morgan took one and slipped it in my purse. totally forgot about it until I found it on my conference. It's now hanging on my buletin board in my classroom. My reminder from Mary that she is with me always even in the trivial moments - just like before. Better still she knows Morgan and Morgan know her!!!! What a gift this Christmas!!! There truly is such joy in the simplest of things!!! And Mary is ALWAYS with me and my children! A blessing in itself-just llike Mary!!!!

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