Sunday, January 13, 2013

Dignity Entertainment Loves LRB

My Little Red Bird FB page is making so many wonderful connections..... a most recent is Dignity Entertainment and its producer Mikkel Juel Iversen.   The purpose is to inspire the world with positivity..... with that I AM A TRUE FAN!!  It is people like this that help make big differences in this world. Thank you Mikkel for taking an interest and loving our LRB enough to share this story (below) to the world!


This is a powerful, personal and beautiful story about how the page Little Red Bird was born when Jen’s beloved sister Mary ended her life on this earth. A story full of surprises:

A little red bird flew to my side during the darkest moment of my life - when I got the news that my sister had just lost her life.
I was standing outside in the breezeway of my home - lost in grief when LRB landed on the shrub right in front of me. He took my breath away - he was such a vibrant sight. For a moment , just a moment, my pain disappeared.
The very next day I flew to Texas to prepare for my beautiful sisters wake. As I was driving down the main road to the funeral home i couldn't believe what was flying right next to me. Not one, but two beautiful cardinals - racing me to the home.
LRB was just the beginning to the many signs and synchronicities that showed me that there is more after this life and there is more all around us.
I started a blog in honor of my Mary, because despite the fact that she made a spontaneous thoughtless decision to end her life on earth, she was an AMAZING light of love. Her light shined wherever she was - always had our entire life. I was 3 years older than her and was blessed to be her star (as she would always call me - silly sis). I did no wrong in her eyes - as well as everyone else to her. She loved you before she knew you - it was in her DNA. If you knew what happened to her the last couple years of her life, and what happened the day her life ended, you may possibly understand. I do.
As I was blogging to my Mary, amazing things started happening - signs were EVERYWHERE. So, I began to blog the amazing occurrences one by one, so as my faith grew and confirmations occurred that my sister was still here and very much with me, my grief lessened and hope prevailed. My LRB kept appearing at crazy places and special times (along with making a home in my backyard), making her appearance to me along with fun synchronicities! I giggle just thinking about her.
I'm okay today. I get sad as I miss her physical presence, with that amazing Mary smile that lit up every room she entered and the loving energy she always radiated to everyone in her contact.
I found that sharing my Mary's story has given so many people hope and with that and a soft nudge from above, LRB was born!
I wish to reach anyone and everyone in need of some hope and touch their hearts with a sweet picture, an inspiring quote, affirmation, thought or story all as a reminder to them that's its okay - it's all going to be okay. Life's greatest pains can bring the most enlightening answers to life's biggest questions. I wish to inspire with my experiences, strength & hope. I want this to be a place for other LRB recipients to be able to confirm what the hope the LRB is.... A sign from above!! I'm finding there are MANY out there!
Without struggle we'd have no butterflies.....
Through adversities we will shine!

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