Monday, January 7, 2013


Unlock The Power Of Manifesting Change-Gratitude

The true power of gratitude is in finding gratitude in the most difficult and darkest areas of one's life.  Feeling gratitude for the everyday obvious things is not enough and only just the beginning.  Gratitude must extend to the parts of our lives where we find the most struggle and pain.  The things that really hurt us the most.

When we can be honest and indentify the sources of our pain and struggle we then can become aware that those issues that we carry are not really a part of us.  Instead they are ideals that we behold to that we created out an idea of self that we have always been trying to live up to.

Once you realize that those very issues are attached to the concept of you, you understand that those attachments are what actually keeps the false-self and ego alive.  Coming to understand and know this allows you to let them go and shed ego.  By letting go you are removing resistance. It is that attachment that has created resistance between you connecting with your true essence and souls purpose.  You are not an idea of you.  You are you, not your thoughts; I am who I am.

What was pain and anguish can become a source to be grateful for.  All of our struggles are lessons for us to be guided and teach us what we are here to learn.  By looking in the darkest areas of our self we enable us to shed the most light and become the catalyst for deep everlasting change created by an internal shift. 

~LRB Chirps

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