Wednesday, January 23, 2013

FACES behind the pages that INSPIRE

When my story was shared on "Dignity Entertainment",  a beautiful soul named Alexa Ortiz who owns the FB page "Your Beautiful Life" reached out to me and told me that Mary has found a place in her heart.  She loves our Mary and for that I love her... Mary has brought her to me, I know it!

Alexa was one of the authors of  the blue book (2nd edition) of "The FACES behind the pages that INSPIRE" and shared my story with the maker of the book, Lori Rekowski.  Lori was touched by my story beyond words and said the Universe brought us together so my story could make it in the 3rd edition (YELLOW book) which is set to launch March 5th.

What a wonderful chain of connections here.... it's all so Divine!  Mary is touching so many lives - it is a beautiful journey that I am so very proud to be attached to.  To be Mary's conduit for her message of Love, Hope and Inspiration is an honor!  Great things are coming I KNOW IT!!!  

Posted by Lori on 2/3/13 to the group of authors:

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