Thursday, January 31, 2013

Double Rainbow and so much more.....

(I love these numbers & according to my soul sister Mary Soliel, she says they are "Fibonacci" numbers - numbers that seem to be extra powerful - will have to look this up later)

As I was leaving for work this morning, a flock of Robins flew in front of me..... made me giggle with delight!
I instantly see 777 on a license plate.
The song "Hey Soul Sister" came on and made my heart smile.

Our soul sisterhood has grown in the past couple weeks.  We have our own FB  secret group called "Soul Sisters"!  It's been exhilirating and full of love and light.  There's 9 of us now. 

As I'm driving to the train, i see a glimpse of a rainbow - big and bright - BEAUTIFUL!  I took a picture with my iPhone.  As i got closer, the rainbow appeared bigger and brighter.  My eyes were widening as the view of the rainbow was.  I pulled into the parking lot of the train station and saw the numbers 333 on a license plate. 

Then... then....... WOW - holey moley,  a double rainbow appeared!  I was speechless - it was breathtaking.  Thank goodness i missed my train by 1/2 a second - i was able to capture this picture:

Nothing - absolutely nothing could ruin my day!  i wasn't worried about the train - i caught the next one only 9 minutes later. 

I get to NYC and take my subway to 14th Street - same route i always take.  this time, today, there was a little birdie waiting at the top of the stairs for me - with the number 777 with it!  Huh?? wow - this is a sign for sure.

My day has been wonderful - nice and easy!  A colleague asked me to lunch and I actually said yes - it was just one of those days!  I was smiling with joy in my heart at the entirety of the day - then I see 777 on a license plate as I crossed the street.

As I'm walking on W. 20th Street, I am amazed and surprised when I saw this little drawing of a birdie on the side of this mailbox - it looks like a cardinal to me :).....LOL!  I passed this mailbox just a week ago & I didn't see this here.  Another fun loving sign just for me to see:

 I spoke to my Angels last night - acknowledging them with LOVE, gratitude and requests for their help. I wonder if these are their way of letting me know they heard me :)! hehehe - boy did I ever, loud and clear!

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