Sunday, February 10, 2013

Alexa - Your Beautiful Life

I received a text from Alexa my newest SSS (sweet soul sister) owner of the FB page "Your Beautiful Life":

"Jen I'm out to dinner with my hubby and at the entrance of the restaurant a girl looses her earring. Somehow I find it. She hugs me gives me a kiss and says nice to meet you I'm Mary! You are my angel those are my sisters earrings! I owe you a hug! 
Sidenote she was wearing a stunning Red dress. 
I don't know why but I automatically associated this with Mary!"

I know it was Mary's way of letting Alexa know that she is with her now and loves her too.....
**Synchro:  Just last night I had shared Mary's  story with her - the raw details of the last few years of her life - Mary entered Alexa's heart and her life - Alexa, our sweet soul sister!

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