Saturday, February 9, 2013

Cardinals and "The New Sun"

"When these souls transition, they are still on the forefront of change with you. You just don’t physically see them, but they are aiding the collective as much as you are. They are often supporting you through the changes, and you can look for signs that they are doing just that. They can show you through synchronicity and through the manipulation of matter, such as making something appear in your physicality, that they are with you. A comforting way to look at it is that they can be with you even more than they were as a human. The connection can actually build and be of more help to you; this is a very enlightened way of viewing death. I challenge you to perceive in this way."

~ Archangel Michael, from "The New Sun," Mary Soliel, Author, Coming this Spring

These pictures were taken today after the big snow storm of 2013 - Storm Nemo!  There were 5 cardinals zipping from tree to tree.  I was able to capture these two and the lil junco on this shot... what a blessed day full of cardinal love!

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