Saturday, February 16, 2013

Powered by HOPE

I have made some beautiful synchronistic, soulful connections through FB.  One of them is this loving, courageous young lady I am proud to call my soul sister:  Liz Zie, also the owner of the FB page, "Powered by Hope"

Here are some touching words of love she shared on her page of HOPE:

Life has little to do with luck, but much to do with find your feathers, your wings, your inner phoenix and FLY...create your own luck with your strong mind, heart and soul...then look to the sky or deep inside, for those that have gone before you are sending signs...falling feathers or butterflies, pennies from heaven or rainbow skies..ladybugs that whisper, little red birds that fly...whatever you see, know it was sent with so much love from way way up high above...BELIEVE. ♥ Set your spirit free!!

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