Sunday, February 10, 2013

Lil Brother

I'd like to dedicate this post to our lil brother David! 
Mary and I took special care of our lil brother,  he was ours, ours to love, cherish and cheer for! We've always been his biggest fans.
It's a no wonder that Mary and our dad are still watching over him with her love from above....

We got some wonderful news this past Christmas - he's going to get married to a wonderful lil lady this summer.  When I asked him what date he was looking to get married, without hesitating, he said they both wanted to get married on Mary's birthday 7-31-13.  I don't know if that date is going to work, but its the thought that counts!  I know Mary and our dad will be there no matter what ~ just like they were at my wedding!  It's going to be a wonderful day to celebrate! We are so proud of you and I hope you know how much we love your Amanda, our future sister.

I love you lil brother - we love you lil brother - always and forever!

 Love-kisses-Sibling bond

I love these pictures that came my way by means of our step dad who found them in slides and was kind enough to make a book for our momma and lil sis Lisa! More to come - I just wanted to dedicate this post to you lil brother, our parents only son, Mary and I's only LIL brother and Lisa's big brother!  In case you didn't know,  you are very special and are a blessing  - a blessing to us all!

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