Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Magical Day of Signs

Today was a magical day... it started in the morning  as I was headed to the train station:  First I saw 444 on a cars license plate headed in my direction, then a cardinal flew right across my path in front of my wind shield - it was a beautiful burst of red that made me giggle with joy & then immediately after the cardinal passed, the song "I belong to you, you belong with me" came on the radio (which reminds me of my sister) - then I happen to see my odometer and it was with 1111!!!!

I felt the presence of love in these precious moments......

It was a beautiful day in NYC and I decided to take a walk during lunch - I had a few errands I needed to do.  As I was crossing the busy street I silently asked ArchAngel Michael to be with me and keep me safe (as I do periodically throughout my day) and just as I finished my thought I happened to look to the ground and right in my path was a beautiful white feather for me.

I was thinking I wanted to have a juice today but really wanted to try some place different - my body was actually craving some refreshing nutrients (cucumber, kale, spinach, celery, green apple, parsley & ginger root)!  Out of nowhere on my journey to my first destination I saw that a new store opened up "Liquiteria" - a beautiful juice bar full of many healthy choices.

I just love it when everything falls into place and it feels like my thoughts are being heard.....

Another white feather appeared:

THEN, I came across this sweet little thrift shop "Angel Street" on W. 17th in NYC - how appropriate on this magical day!

Angels, signs and love from above ~ making it a magical day!

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A said...

Hmmm... I always notice the numbers 111 and 1111, sometimes several times a day... it's like I am seeing them everywhere :-)