Sunday, October 19, 2008

Amazing Connections

I had the most amazing day on Friday....

I met someone and learned something and gave something away.

I met a very special person on Friday ~ someone who has a connection to a blog I wrote a few days ago. It was as if I put it out there and this person was guided into my path. No coincidence. A common topic came up to my surprise, we are a part of the same kind of soul seeking lifestyle. All because I said "I don't drink anymore either"....

She told me about a meeting in the area and invited me to meet her there. I thought about it for a while and called Chad, as I spoke to him he yelled into the phone, "hey, there's a cardinal on our patio.... just sitting there!". Wow ~ that's a first. Mary was showing herself and so excited about this meeting. I could feel it!

I went into the heart of the Village - only a 15 minute walk from work.
I've been saying for months....

"I need to find a good meeting in the city"

"I need to find a good meeting in the city".

I have!

This meeting was incredible... I felt at peace as soon as I walked in. It was very cozy with a warm air of serenity. I found a spot opposite of my new friend and settled right in. I raised my hand and introduced myself as new to this spot. Soon after, they asked me to speak. Of course I said YES... I was due. It was the most incredible meeting ever! I met some wonderful people and heard some wonderful stories. I gave them as much hope and inspiration as my heart could give and loved them all even though I didn't know them. But I did know them.... they told my story as they heard mine! Togetherness with a common bond and a support of unconditional understanding. I floated out of there with promises to return & return I will!

I am being guided and I am loving my path! My eyes are open and my mind is alert... I'm ready for my destiny. The sky has no limits and neither does my way. I love you Mary, please stay!

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Laurie Kolp said...

Jen- You are such an inspiration. That is an amazing story and I am so glad you found a place to go to meetings in the city.

Mary IS guiding you, and she WILL stay. Never give up the faith.

Love you and wanted to call you this weekend, but we were extremely busy. I'll call you this week, though.