Thursday, October 9, 2008

Bleeding Love ~ Mary's Blessing

I know this is an old picture, but I really like it... you & Brian were so young and so happy! Kelsey was just a baby!

I spoke to Brian today... it was nice talking to him. We share a bond ~ A love for you! A love from a depth deep in our hearts. It helps to talk to him. We went through so much together the last 2 years of your life. Just trying to help you through the living hell as much as we could. You had alot of life-lines Mary. So much love. I know you knew that. We all tried to love you until you loved yourself!

Well, as I was talking to him, I was standing outside Penn Station getting ready to catch my train home, when I heard above everything else, the song that I have associated with you since you left. "Bleeding Love" by Leona Lewis. The song was coming from the 2nd floor outdoor bar across the street. I love that song and it just seems appropriate to how my heart feels ~ like its bleeding. I listen to that song almost everyday on my ipod and I just think of you.... miss you.... cherish you!
I think that was a sign, hearing that song as I was telling Brian that you want him happy & you know he will marry again, but also that you know he will never love anyone like he loved you. I know you were giving your blessing to him. I also told him you were at peace now and know your soul.

We spoke about how you used to leave notes all the time - any kind. On napkins, post-its (especially lil purple ones), any piece of paper & leave it in the kids lunch boxes or around the house. Sweet lil notes saying how much you loved them and how wonderful they were. You were so sweet sis... so loving.

How lucky we were to be a part of your heart!


Laurie Kolp said...

Sweet Mary- she was so thoughtful. I remember going over to her house around Valentine's Day and she had all these cards laid out on her table, neatly addressed to each loved one, clad with stickers and hearts. That's something her children are sure to remember about her, just as we do.

I wish I had that book from Brian that we used to write notes back and forth in...

Anonymous said...

I am glad that you and Brian are able to support each other through this time. Mary is a great connection between the two of you. I hope that everyone finds happiness in life...that is what Mary would want. She was always wanting to make the WHOLE WORLD HAPPY! Thanks for being so thoughtful in helping myself and many others find healing through the memories shared in your blog!


The Mendez Family said...

Thank you, sweet sister, for posting all these sweet pictures and memories of Mary. I love remembering her so happy and full of life...but it makes me so sad too :( I wish she were to here now with me.
I love you, sis...keep the pictures and memories coming!