Monday, October 13, 2008

David's Guidance

Okay, I know ~ 3 posts in one day! Well, it's been a full day... good stuff. I just have to write to share about what my brother David just told me:

He does the 52 mile country bike ride (in the hills) in Garner State Park near San Antonio.

He did it this weekend & is happy to say he made it through this year. Last year his shoe melted. Yeah, don't ask. LOL.

Well, he completed it, but got lost at the end. No other riders were around and his map was not very helpful. He didn't panic. He said it was a tough ride and there were times when he wanted to quit, then he would think about Mary and she gave him energy and a push. She was such an encourager with her determination and stregnth. She was a great inspiration. She has run those paths in San Antonio and swam those rivers and biked those hills in triathalons! She was incredible. She was there with David and helped him through. At the end, when he was alone and lost in the hills,
he came to a crossroads and a sign that said "Dos Cardinals Ranch"....
he couldn't believe his eyes. WHAT A SIGN! He didn't have a camera to snap a picture. Not even his phone. He had to make a decision on which way to go. He felt guided by Mary. Within minutes he came to a small town of 2 and asked if they had a phone he could use. The kind lady kept asking if he had AT&T. Not sure why that was, but he made the call to his friend and got home safely. It looks like he has an angel and her name is Mary!

Thank you Mary ~

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Laurie Kolp said...

Ooh- that is so awesome!!!! Mary is inspiring all of us in her own way. Thanks for sharing that- and it was well written, too.

I love that pic of Mary and David. I still can't get over how much Kelsy looks like her.