Saturday, October 25, 2008

A Wish Comes True

    • October 13th, I posted a wish.
    • October 17th, I met someone connected to my wish.
    • October 20th, I met the one who could make my wish come
    • October 23rd, My wish came true.......

Who says wishes don't come true?

I made a comment on my blog how nice it would be if I could get Robin Williams autograph for Kelsey & Brett. Kelsey has made comments to me about how much she loved him. She thinks he is so funny! We all love funny - We all NEED funny!

August Rush is a movie Robin Williams starred in. The movie came out November 21st, the same day Mary was set free~ She was so happy to be with her kids again. Later, early Spring, Mary rented the movie and watched it with Kelsey & Brett. It happened to be the last movie they would ever see together.

I am so blessed to be able to give this gift to Kelsey & Brett. It's not only great just to have this autograph from one of their favorite actors, but for the special meaning it has as well. (Not to mention the incredible incidents that made it happen!) My mind is still in a state of shock how it all just came to be. It has to be some work of divine intervention. I wished upon my star!

Thank you Mary wherever you are!!


Laurie Kolp said...

I still can't believe it- that is truly amazing that the movie connected to so much in Mary's life and now this has happened. What a neat treat for all of you!
God is so good...

The Mendez Family said...

I wish I could see Kelsey and Brett's faces and hear them when they receive your gift to them! How cool how all of this came to be. God truly cares about the desires of our hearts. What a pure sweet present this is!

Linda Armstrong said...

What a beautiful story!