Monday, October 13, 2008

Jen's Secret


It happened when I gave my will over to God. I was tired of doing it my way.

He taught me:
To Forgive myself and my past wrong doings. They were past – not present, as long as I left them there.

Acceptance of my powerlessness. From there I was able to change. I became whole heartedly willing to listen to learn.

Openness and Willingness came with the acceptance.

Patience – to stay in the day and not waste moments of life projecting or assuming the unknown.

Belief. He taught me to believe in myself even with the wreckage caused.

Humility. I learned to humble my thoughts and quiet my negative mind. I filled it with positive feelings, thoughts and affirmations. I filled my cup of life with everything positive, right and good.

People, Places & Things. Anything toxic I got rid of.
I became grateful for what I have, not for what I don’t have. I learned that I may not have all that I want, but know that I have more than I need.

Peace, Love and Harmony have filled my world. I always have faith & hope in all situations. Everything happens for a reason.

Thank you Lord for all I’ve received and all that I’ve lost and the Wisdom from my experiences and People in my Life!

Thank you for my dad who has passed. I miss him so much, but know he lives on within me every day!

My Prayer to Remember:

I pray that you may help me always be a Power of Example.
Never a Preacher or a Bearer of Burdens and
To remember that with You, through me, these things are possible.


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Laurie Kolp said...

Jeni- You ARE such a power of example and your positive attitude shines through in all you do. Thanks for being YOU- I love you!