Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Unexpected Gifts

I am truly amazed at the things that I have absolutely
no intention of being given to me - DO!!!

If that doesn't make sense, that's okay, maybe my explanation will make it clear.

It's just little simple things like:

The other day I was looking down at the boots I wear almost everyday on my commute to work. They keep my feet so warm & sometimes I even wear them all day. I thought back to the time I bought them 2 winters ago (YES, they are still in great condition). I bought them with a Macy's gift certificate my co-workers at my previous property pitched in and bought me. Their thoughtfulness brought tears to my eyes. They didn't have to do that, but they did. They somehow found out that I looooove shopping at Macy's & surprised me with it. I got to buy myself things I wouldn't have spent my own money on... it was fun. So now when I wear my little black zip up boots with fur in them I think of them all, or when I wear my sexy brown cowgirl boots I think of them & my cool black Calvin Klein belt with a classy rhinestone buckle & my cream, sleeveless furry zip up jacket - it's them I thank. Yes, 2 years later.

Well, I was thinking recently that I hadn't gotten anything like that this year from my new set of co-workers and I wondered if they liked me as much or if I was doing as good a job for them. Then I brushed it off & thought to myself, "you spoiled brat - you have so much to be grateful for". I would never expect anything from anyone, but the bar was set....... then within the week, a co-worker came by and pulled a Macy's gift card out of his pocket & said, "This is for you because we think you are great"!

I NEVER SAID MY THOUGHTS ALOUD & never hinted anything I mentioned above. I sat there stunned with tears in my heart and confusion in my mind. How do things like this happen??

I am so lucky and blessed.
I genuinely love what I do, who I do it for and who I do it with!!!

Do you think this is the Law of Attraction or what?

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Laurie Kolp said...

I think Someone is up in Heaven working for you, that's what I think!