Monday, May 25, 2009

Cardinals of Love

I just love all the cardinal stories that Laurie shares with us on her blog (the link to her blog is under my "Links to Love") ~ they are so unique and amazing. Always in times of need and when thoughts of Mary are strong. Lisa has her in her backyard visiting her and mom too. Davey has visits on his bike or canoe races and even when he got lost in the hills he was shown the right direction by them.

Well, Kerri has them too. Here's one of her stories she just shared with me that was so touching... I had to share:

"I have been waiting patiently for a cardinal to come to our kitchen window where I had placed some seed. Well, the seed has been sitting there for about one month, and there has been no response from any birds...Well, the other day, I was staring out my window with tears in my eyes. I was a mess that morning and the feeling of grief was penetrating my heart so deeply. In true desperation, I said to myself (and God), "All I want right now is to see a cardinal on my kitchen window." I feel that I said it in Faith, which is when God often answers our deepest prayers. Well, guess what??? A beautiful red cardinal popped right in my face. I began shaking from surprise and felt overwhelming joy. In fact, I called my daughter over as if it was an emergency. She ran right over and saw my tears running down my face. I didn't have to say anything..but just pointed to the cardinal in the window. She rubbed my shoulder and smiled back at me! She tends to spot cardinals quicker than I do and knows all about Mary.That was a moment that I will never forget! Love ya, Ker"

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Laurie Kolp said...

I am so happy for Kerri- thanks for sharing her cardinal story, and all of our stories. Mary is with us- forever!

I miss talking to you, too- I'll caall you soon. Are you getting ready for your big shower? :) Wish I could go...