Thursday, May 14, 2009

Who's reading my thoughts?

During my scanning frenzy of "pre-digital" pictures, I came across this one and scanned it because it had Mary in it. I just love this picture.... i didn't really think I was going to post it any time soon, but the time has come and for a reason: out of the blue it was requested!

In the back of my mind somewhere, I remember thinking to myself as I scanned this picture, "I really like this picture because it was a good memorable time with Mary" but there are so many people in it, I thought that she really got drowned out, so I figured I wouldn't be posting it on this blog. Boy was I wrong!

The reason I titled it "Who's reading my thoughts?" is because my girlfriend Tina (in the middle) left me a message today asking me if I had this picture. I was amazed and happy to say - YES!! She had this picture framed at one point and lost it in her moves. This picture was taken many many years ago, so I was surprised she even asked for it. That's what makes it so amazing. Just out of the blue! As if she was reading my thoughts.......

This picture was taken in Austin, Texas. Mary & I traveled together from Houston to meet up with Tina & all her/our friends for her bachlorette party. We had so much fun. Tina loved our Mary & Mary adored her.

Something so memorable about this trip is what i learned about Mary.... we were driving down the infamous 6th Street to this restaurant on the water (where this picture was taken) and Mary & I talked about tattoos. I said I didn't have any and always wished I had the nerve to get a lil star on my ankle or wrist or hip. She said she would get a VW bug or a Margarita because that is what she loved so much. We laughed & laughed & laughed. I just imagined my Mary with a lil punch buggy car with flowers on her or a salty green margarita glass with a lime & hibiscus flower. That image never left me. Not even to this day. Everytime I see a VW bug or a margarita ~ its one of the many things that make me think of my Mary!

Thank you Tina for reading my thoughts and asking for this picture........ allowing me to share with everyone, along with the sweet memories!


Laurie Kolp said...

That is so funny- I can just hear Mary coming up with that wild tattoo idea! You both look so happy in that picture...happy memories- remember them forever (and you're doing just that by keeping up with this blog)- thank you!

Love you, Laurie

kerri said...

When I saw this picture, I thought of how Mary always went along with things. She was kind of hidden in this picture. Maybe she didn't even realize it. But, being the center of attention is the last thing she needed to "be." She was always "in it" to make the other person happy! Oh, do I miss her sooooo much!!!

Love you,