Friday, August 28, 2009

Amazing Google Find

I am blown away right now ~ A friend of Mary's from high school found my blog by accident...

First I'd like to share with you his kind regards:

Hello Jeni,
I went to high school and graduated with Mary. I have relocated back home to San Antonio and came across Memories to Cherish by chance actually. I felt the need to drop you a line and express the sentiment that I am sorry for your loss.......I was unaware that Mary had passed.
My memories of her are fond. I do recall always being able to discern her little frame from everyone else in the school halls because of this energy she carried with her. We would take the time to exchange pleasantries between classes even if was just a "Hi" at times. Coming across this has affected me to say the least. It has been on my mind ever since I found out on my own accord. I praise your courage, and I am touched by what you have created on her behalf......... bless you and your family. … I don't know the circumstances that surround this tragedy, but I do know that I am affected. Spiritually, I can find solace that I am affected for a reason. Thank you once again for creating this and sharing with all of us. I feel fortunate to have gained some insight into your world.

This e-mail made my day!

Now, the amazing part is when I asked him to share how he found me. I will cut and paste his response, (only because it sounds best coming from him):

....The way I came across it was unusual. I was looking for a book called "When Bad Things Happen to Good People" that some friends of mine read for a class in college. I couldn't tell you why I was looking for it, but I had always wanted to read it. There were several hits off of my search. I clicked on several, and one led to another. Then your "Good Things Come from Bad Circumstances" blog title came up. I noticed the picture on the page, but I could not put my finger on the resemblance yet. As I read through the blog, I came to find that it was someone I knew. I was shocked, saddened and comforted.

It is nice to be reminded that Mary is being remembered with fondness. It is my hope to keep her alive in our hearts and minds with beautiful memories here on her blog. "Memories to Cherish".....

Mary was too incredible a person to be forgotten! Mary was courage, inspiration, determination! She gave encouragement and love unconditionally!

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