Saturday, August 15, 2009

So Proud

Chad & I had the pleasure to be with Mary's lil legacies starting Friday, July 31st (Mary's B-day) to Sunday, August 9th! We had so much fun... taking the train to the city, riding the subway downtown, rode a boat around the statue of Liberty, took a Taxi to Times Square & spent alot of time in the fun sweet stores. FYI~the Toys R Us in Times Square is very very big - 4 floors. I actually lost Brett & panicked. I got the whole kid patrol on alert (yes, they have that there)... he was just busy playing a video game & didn't hear his phone. We ate pizza so much - they didn't care :). They were a big part of the wedding & they made us so proud. It was so nice bringing our families together. Everyone got along and mixed so beautifully. Everyone loved everyone!

It was so nice having them here with us. Chad & Brett really bonded. Brett is so funny.... at the end of the night at the out of towners dinner he was the center of attention. so fun & so funny. At the wedding, he was a dancing machine. Holey moley. We learned so much about the kids and are so happy for this time. Brett is the sensitive one. I would look at him & it was such a strange feeling, but I felt like I was looking at him through Mary's eyes. I beleive I felt what she felt when she was looking at him. Pure admiration. It brought tears to my eyes more than a couple times. Once again, Brett has left me with a funny memory One of the last nights here, I went to kiss him goodnight & as I was walking away, he said, "Get back here Aunt Jeni - where's my hug?" Oh my goodness, my heart melted.

Kelsey has grown up so much. I almost didn't even recognize her... Amazing what a year will do. She is 13 now & what a change. She is so beautiful. I just love having her by my side. My lil shadow. I accidentally cried (well, tears were rolling out of my eyes without my permission) while her & I were driving alone and she was just looking at me and softly asked what was wrong... I whispered back that this happens sometimes because I miss my sister. I assured her it was normal & I was okay. She smiled sweetly, like she understood and agreed, then raised her hands in the air and said "You have me Aunt Jeni ~ her replacement". Yes I do!!! How lucky am I?!


Kerri said...

Mary's Kids are absolute treasures. They couldn't be more beautiful. Kelsey reminds me of Mary. Her eyes, her smile, her hair, her chin, her coloring. The pictures were precious, but they sure make you miss Mary. I know her Spirit is alive and well. It is great that Kelsey is close to are like her second mom. Both the kids need you and seem to adore you and Chad like no other! It is inspiring to see the bond that God is continue to build in your relationships! I love you!

susan said...

O jeni,
I loved this blog. I am so glad we got to meet Brett and Kelsey. Especially taking Kelsey to the city with Jenn and myself was so much fun. I hope she had fun. She reminds me so much of Mary. I only knew Mary when she was young. Twice while in the city I almost called her Mary! I printed off the pictures I took of her and am going to send them to her.
Love ya,
and miss you!
and NEW YORK!!

Laurie Kolp said...

Jeni- I am so glad you had that much time with Kelsey and Brett. I see Mary in both of them...I don't blame you for crying. I know it must be difficult at times. Always remember that a part of Mary lives in both of them. The picture are wonderful and beautiful! Thanks so much for posting them and sharing them with us. I love ya, sista!

xoxox, Laurie