Sunday, August 30, 2009

Special Bouquet

This is the beautiful Maid of Honor bouquet that my beautiful sister Lisa carried.... Kelsey carried a smaller version as the Jr. Maid of Honor! The soft beige wrap around is a peice of Mary's favorite jacket that she wore.

Each of us had a peice of it.

Mom got a peice to hold & my brother got a button.

Brett carried the ring bearer pillow that was made entirely out of the jacket.

It was special having Mary with each of us on this very special day.

She was there with us in more ways than one!


Kerri said...

That was a beautiful idea. Do you have any more of her pieces of her clothing? I would love to have something to hold and cherish. :)

Love ya,

Laurie Kolp said...

You are so thoughtful, Jeni! What a wonderful way to honor Mary during your momentous day. I KNOW she was with you!


Susan said...

Oh, I wish you had reminded me that you were using her jacket. I totally forgot and didn't look at the pillow or bouquets. bummer.
Mary was such a part of your wedding, not only her kids but her spirit.
Love ya