Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Incredible Day of Signs

I had the most incredible day today. It started out with a resident telling me that the rep from the bank we promote told him to tell me that I was #1. I've never met this rep before, only spoke on the phone. Weird, but a nice surprise... Mary used to write that to me in letters all the time!

I had a wonderful surprise today... I work at a hi-rise in NYC on the west side, close to the water.... There are no real "trees" around that would warrant a cardinal to live in. Granted, on the 10th floor of my building we have an outdoor terrace with some planted trees, but they are new and very high in the sky.
Today I was up on the terrace inspecting that all was in order and what did I see?? A bright red cardinal sitting in a tree.... I was stopped dead in my tracks with my hand to my cheek and my mouth a gasp! I couldn't believe my eyes! He was so red and so bright just staring at me. I must have stood there looking silly as can be. I didn't care, I felt like I was in a dream. Then the tinest little gray & white bird flew right next to him. He was the cutest lil thing I've ever seen.
The cardinal flew to the next tree with the lil bird on it's tail...
Well, not literally, but very close. Then they flew together to the next tree and let me get as close as a foot away. I stood there as long as I could. I was so excited I almost couldn't contain myself, yet upset that I didn't have my camera! I felt a peace come over me and my heart filled with love!

I had a visit today - a message from above! I am so blessed!

I reluctantly left the terrace, but returned with my camera... No sign of red! No where! Except as a memory in my head!

My day ended with a compliment from a co-worker saying "you rock" ~because of a job I did well done! Mary used to tell me that too all the time!

So many signs all in one day.... I'm so excited my head is about to burst... What can I say?!?!


Ker said...

I am now addicted to cardinals!!!

Love ya :)

Laurie Kolp said...

Jen- This is the same day Ms. Angelle died! It's almost as if the cardinal was Mary and gray bird Ms. Angelle- there to tell you I would need prayers!