Friday, March 25, 2011

Cardinal Red

Mama Mary and her lil birdies ~ Kelsey & Brett

This is such a precious picture. I had to post it to Mom's FB wall on your 3-22 day. So many thoughts & comments came your way beautiful sis. I thought I should share the sweet words here.

Words of Love to Cherish:

Cousin Lynn: "Oh my God! So sad! What a beautiful picture of a beautiful lady!" Sherry: "Ah!!! Beautiful!!! :)" BFF Kerri's mom Mary Ann: "I loved this picture of Mary and her babies." Me: "So many beautiful pictures & memories of such a sweet sweet soul! She is still with us.....:)!" Katherine: "In Cardinal red :) Sweet picture!" Cousin Robbie: "Ahhh She was so beautiful..I wish I could have spent more time with her and got 2 know her better..xoxo"

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